Intelligent Intranets

Flexible Management Options

A business’ intranet acts as the nucleus for the modern enterprise, providing a place for employees to digest company news, find relevant information, search for people and content. As companies become larger and more decentralized, its essential to create a hub for them to communicate and collaborate effectively. With growth however, information can become difficult to disseminate. Creating a single source of truth that employees can access from anywhere at any time becomes critical for a business to grow and thrive.

By employing technologies born in the cloud and developing a comprehensive blueprint, Core BTS offers organizations of all sizes a cost-effective solution with flexible management options to easily collaborate from anywhere, share ideas, organize information, and discover insights.

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The ability to automate mundane tasks within a company’s Intelligent Intranet frees up employees’ bandwidth and ability to focus on achieving business goals, which saves time and money. Core leverages cloud-based tools available in Microsoft 365 to help automate repetitive tasks, such as moving data, sending updates, or getting approvals.


Adding bots to your Intelligent Intranet provides employees a better user experience and a simpler way for them to interact with both data and processes. Core can help your organization build virtual agents and allow users to interact with intelligent solutions as though they are conversing with another person.

Information Architecture

Ensuring data is structured optimally requires good planning. As organizations, people and projects change over time, the structure of data must evolve in a continuous process. Core works with you to lay the foundation, making it easier and faster to modify your structure and navigation as needed.


While many companies implement an intranet or collaboration platform, many of them do not achieve their business objectives, nor the expected ROI. There are many potential culprits, but one of the primary causes of a failed intranet implementation is the absence of a formal governance program. Core’s expert team works with you to build a baseline of policies and controls needed to maintain security, structure and prevent data sprawl, while ensuring users have access to the apps and features they require to increase productivity.