Security Data Access & Control

Innovate New Methods of Attack

Adversaries continue to advance their skills and innovate new methods of attack. In order to protect your organization from attackers it's important to understand your potential vulnerabilities and address security flaws. Customers continue to attempt to do more with less, and IT staffs are overwhelmed with maintaining systems while keeping up with security patches, much less proactively identifying emerging threats and evaluating new technology and methodologies.

Core employs a team of CISSPs, Certified Ethical Hackers, and Compliance Consultants that work closely with clients to identify and mitigate risk. We can help identify ways to improve data access and control in the following areas:

Cloud Security

Data Loss Prevention

Access & Identify Management

Multi-Factor Authentication

Our recommendations are made based on results from assessments we offer.

Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessment

Web Application Security

Wireless Network Security

Policy Review & Development

Security Awareness Training

Regulatory Compliance: PCI, HIPAA, SOX, GLB

Virtual Information Security Officer

Vulnerabilities and threats change constantly, and only organizations with a mature Information Security Program effectively combat attacks. Core's Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) service is geared towards organizations ready to take the next step, bringing structure and results. Plenty of companies conduct assessments yet sit on findings indefinitely, and struggle to implement impactful improvements to their Information Security Program - Where do I start? How much will this cost? Who has the time and skill set to guide necessary change?

With Core's vCISO, your organization taps into experience, expertise, and capability of seasoned Information Security Professionals - certified experts who scale to fit your organization size, cyber-maturity level, and budget. We're here to get results, and will build achievable InfoSec roadmaps based upon your organizations specific needs.


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