Security Solutions

Dynamic Environment

In today’s dynamic environment, a proactive security strategy is essential. A proper architecture transforms security from a barrier to an organization enabler, providing access to information while protecting the organization.


Core BTS’ Security Consulting Services can provide essential elements for your security strategy. Core provides a comprehensive “Business Driven” approach to the Information Security Program and life cycle. Security solutions are mapped to an organization’s strategy and operations. Our processes are designed to provide the information needed to make risk-aware decisions, fast.

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Risk Management

In today’s IT landscape it is no longer a matter of if but when, the cost of doing nothing is too high. It is critical for organizations to understand their potential risk and proactively implement security solutions to help mitigate the risk and be prepared for response.

Security Data Access & Control

Adversaries continue to advance their skills and innovate new methods of attack. In order to protect your organization from attackers it’s important to understand your potential vulnerabilities and address security flaws. Customers continue to attempt to do more with less, and IT staffs are overwhelmed with maintaining systems while keeping up with security patches, much less proactively identifying emerging threats and evaluating new technology and methodologies.

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Threat Defense Solutions

Security architecture and Threat Defense products can provide an important layer of security if implemented correctly. Cyber Security threats are increasing every day and attacks are originating from inside and outside the network. Security protection continues to be complex and it’s important that organizations have an experienced partner like Core to help design, implement, and support a defense-in-depth approach to security.